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The new single by Hewas, featuring Afroman, is unsurprisingly catchy and well produced. It also holds the potential to create a certain amount of derision, due to its graphic content and subject matter. This is also not likely to come as much of a surprise. It’s a lighthearted feel, coupled with something of a controversial topic, as told from the perspective of a philanderer. Though it might come with a hint of remorse, it’s hard not to see the hilarity of the “Wholething.” Hewas is a relative newcomer, but he has already amassed quite a following thanks to Tik Tok and now an impressive pedigree, Aside from recording “Wholething” with Afroman, he was actually discovered by the vocal pop group, 98 Degrees. Boasting a strong falsetto, his voice has a signature smoothness, and charismatic flair. His delivery and phrasing really give the song a distinctive and memorable quality. It’s not often that a singer can transition from falsetto to lower register, without it sounding forced.  FAC

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