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For whatever reason, a lot of people have started giving up on rock n’ roll in the past couple of years, and not just because of the lull in concerts caused by a global pandemic in 2020. The heart and soul of the rock genre have always come from the players who didn’t care about the commercial model, nor those who would perpetuate its ideals, and from where I sit, Greye are one of the only crews still rejecting the mainstream narrative without sounding amateurish in their output. Their new album So Far So Good is a testament to rebelliousness, but more pressingly, an answer to an increase in mundanity across the pop spectrum lately.  URL:  There’s a lot of fight in tracks like “End of the Line,” “Shoulda Coulda Woulda,” and lead single “Lucky,” but it’s balanced out by the self-control Greye show off rather flawlessly in every song included on the LP. They’ve got such a simpatico relationship here, and even if I hadn’t known how long they’ve been playing tog

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