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Hughie Mac

Hughie Mac’s music isn’t about breaking new ground or broadening your perspective. It’s entertainment and nostalgia wrapped up in a neat package. Mac sings songs plucked from throughout our mutual past reminding us of childhood memories, lost loves, and the overall sparkle of bygone days. He doesn’t sing these classics chosen from the history of American songwriting with the technical precision of other performers; it isn’t about that for Hughie Mac. The latest installment in his Sings Some Great Songs Series, Vol. 4, is about conveying experience through song and Mac often does that as splendidly as anyone who has ever sang this material.  HUGHIE MAC TWITTER:   It is a wide-ranging album, like previous entries, and takes on twenty-three tracks virtually covering the gamut of modern pop. His DIY ethic requires Mac to make accommodations with some of these tracks that, ultimately, don’t serve the song as well as he hopes they will. His voice, h

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