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Gary Brewer

Confidently drifting out of the silence with a hesitant sonic presence, “Old Brown Case” is waiting for anyone brave enough to enter its gateway into Gary Brewer’s instrumental LP Gary Brewer’s House of Axes, and in the next few minutes that follow, the track will set the stage for everything soon to pass in the next eight songs. Along with its neighbor, the enigmatic Americana symphony “Southern Flavor,” “Old Brown Case” drops the chills on us right out of the gate in Gary Brewer’s House of Axes, and makes it abundantly clear to all within earshot that if they can’t stand the heat coming out of their headphones, they’ll need to take a step back now – for it only gets more intense from here on out.  URL:  “Sourwood Ridge” continues the compositional stomp of the introduction with a pulse-raising tone and forceful arranging that collides together in a captivating hurricane of melodicism, and though this track isn’t as firm as the heavy “White Horse Breakdown”

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