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Mary Me Margret PODCAST by Randall Whitley

Mary Me Margret PODCAST by Randall Whitley Randall Whitley takes a turn to a 14 episode podcast series after his first CD in 2017, and it’s a natural move even though it might seem out of left field, but Wheatley is an experience playwright, so it is more organic than it might seem. This podcast series Mary Me Margret by Whitley and Matt Smith is followed by videos of each episode, now being released every Tuesday and Friday, with five released so far. It was recorded at Six Tring Ranch in Austin, TX with words and music by both collaborators and released by Wheatley. The story is darkly humorous and suspensefully entertaining in all departments. 
This is nothing like Wheatley’s first release, but it is somewhat musical and a very-dramatic display of spoken word clearly coming from a musical mind set as well as an established playwright. At the end of the day what you get is a story by so…

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